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End of Summer Heating Check

It’s been a warm dry summer; great for beach days and camping trips. And now, we welcome fall – a time for changing leaves, home-cooked meals, and pumpkin-flavoured everything. Now is the time to check your heating system to ensure everything is ready for that first chilly night.


Here are my top 5 things to do before the heating season starts:

  1. Clean the heat registers and vents on your forced air system. Pet fur, kids’ socks, dust, and all kinds of things may have fallen down the vents blocking the flow of air. For hot water radiators, vacuum the fins to ensure the air flows freely. Make sure furniture and mats are not blocking the heat sources.  
  2. Check the chimney, exhausts, and air intakes. Trees and shrubs that may have grown over the summer months may be blocking the exhaust. Sometimes critters build nests in openings if the screen has fallen off.  
  3. Have a look at your fuel tank. Make sure it has not settled unevenly; look at the gauge and general condition. This is a good time to look at fuel levels. You may want to think about automatic deliveries and budget payment plans for your fuel. 
  4. The next thing to do is turn up all of your thermostats and see if everything works. Run the heat for a little while and see if the temperature in the house rises, and listen for strange noises and smells.
  5. Finally, if there are any issues, contact your service provider to have things tuned up before the first cold snap. A heating system needs to be serviced annually by a professional. Having everything running efficiently will save you money in the long run.

Following these easy steps will ensure your heating system is running in tip top shape. That way, when the evening air turns chilly, your home will be toasty and comfortable for you and your family.