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Frozen Pipes

With Technical Expert Stephen Hazell

Another typical maritime winter; the other day it was minus 20 in the morning and plus 5 by supper. Talk about a temperature swing! We often get these rapidly changing temperatures throughout the heating season.  

With these temperature swings, one of the things you should watch out for is frozen pipes in your home, particularly if you heat your home with a hot water heating system. This type of system heats water in a boiler that uses a piping system to distribute the water around your home to heat it. Often, the heaters and pipes can be on an outside wall and susceptible to freezing up. When we’re called to help out with frozen pipes, the usual suspect is some sort of supplementary heat source, like a fireplace in the rec room, which tricks the thermostat into thinking your home is warm enough, and stops the water from circulating through the heating zone. When the temperature plummets, the pipes can freeze. When the temperature rises, a frozen pipe may thaw, but it could burst, causing water damage.

The thing to be aware of when it’s cold is to make sure you’re using your central heating system – heat your whole home and don't turn the heat off. If you have space heating like a fireplace or ductless split, make sure the central heating thermostat isn't being satisfied by your additional heat source, as that stops the heat from circulating through the rest of your home. 

Just remember, when it’s one of those really cold days, in rooms with supplemental heating sources, ensure you don't turn your thermostats too far down so that you can protect from freeze ups and possible water damage. 


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See you next time!