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Save On Heat Pumps

Do you live it Pictou and Truro area and are thinking about purchasing a heat pump for your home, cottage or business?  Well we can help you find the right one for you.

Our highly trained technicians are ready to install and maintain your heat pump. They will offer you a comprehensive analysis of your heating and cooling requirements ensuring you get the optimum performance from your investment.

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Why choose a heat pump?


Enjoy a comfy, cozy home in the winter. Heat pumps are ultra-efficient compared to traditional heating systems – delivering added warmth to your home that is up to 300% efficient. During summer, when you are using your heat pump for cooling, the room is automatically dehumidified as a function of the Heat Pump. As the warm air circulates through the unit moisture forms on the cold surface of the coil and then drains outside.  A heat pump provides you with the ability to easily control and maintain your climate to your own exacting levels.


A heat pump enables you to increase or decrease the temperature of your room, or switch from heating to cooling in an instant and at the push of a button. Heat pumps can heat up or cool down a room within a few minutes, then, once the room reaches your preferred temperature, the heat pump will maintain that temperature for as long as you require it to. You can even leave your heat pump on when you go out and it won’t cost you a fortune to have the luxury of returning home to a comfortable temperature. Many heat pumps have the additional benefit of programmable timers which allow you to warm up your room prior to getting up on a cold morning or before your return from work.

Heat pumps don’t create smoke, ashes, moisture or any other waste material for you to remove. There are no trips required outside in the cold and rain for wood or pellets. When cooling or dehumidifying your home there is no need to empty the reservoir of water as your heat pump is plumbed in and has a permanent drain to the outside. 

Air Quality

They clean the air in your home. Heat pumps clean dust, dirt, and pollen out of the air – so you can breathe easy. They don’t create carbon emissions in the home, because heat pumps don't burn fuel, there's no combustion involved, which means there are no carbon emissions created on site they also help to eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Energy Efficient

Heat Pumps are currently the most cost-effective form of heating using electricity and most good quality systems achieve average COP (Coefficient of Performance) figures of four or more. This means that to achieve four kilowatts of heating or cooling power, they use an average of less than one kilowatt of electricity.

Saves you money and adds value to your home 

Save on your winter heating bills. Enjoy year-round comfort, while paying up to 50% less on your home heating bills. They also add value to your home. A warm, dry, comfortable environment with the addition of air conditioning will always be first choice over a house without such sought after benefits.

Heat Pumps reduce condensation

During the summer, when you are using your heat pump for cooling, the room is automatically dehumidified as a function of the Heat Pump. As the warm air circulates through the unit moisture forms on the cold surface of the coil and then drains outside.

During winter the heat pump prevents condensation forming on cold surfaces such as windows by circulating warm air around the room similar to demisting a car windscreen on a cold morning.

Promotions & Financing

If you purchase a ductless split or central heat pump from us before June 30, 2018 you don’t have to pay any tax (a savings of 15%).* 

We have a variety of affordable leasing options to fit your budget. Nova Scotia Power also has affordable financing that can be conveniently added to your power bill. Please contact Truro office 902-895-4429 and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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*Some conditions apply please contact our Truro office 902-895-4429 for more details.

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