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Switch Your Current Propane Supply FREE

Are you ready to switch your propane supply to a local expert? Look no further than Wilsons Home Heating.

Switch your propane supply to us for FREE! No added costs to worry about when moving into your new home, or when switching to us from your current propane supply.

What's included? 

Choose Wilsons for your propane supply, and we'll install a propane tank, or swap out your current tank with ours, and connect it to existing lines and appliances at your home, at no extra cost to you.  

We are the experts in propane in Nova Scotia, and have been providing delivery, service, and installation of propane products since 1975.  

Being family owned and founded right here in Nova Scotia over 100 years ago, we value our family – we value you, and we treat you as such!

If you think it’s time to try out Wilsons Home Heating, now is your time to experience how we treat our family - how we treat you.

Switch Your Propane Supply

Switch your propane supply over to us with any propane appliance in your home, and we’ll set you up for free! And we service everything we sell.

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