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Let’s talk energy savings

When you heat your home you use energy - it’s as simple as that. Even when you heat with wood, propane or oil, you may not always think of the electrical consumption of the furnace to circulate that heat throughout your home.

However, there have been exciting innovations that have helped reduce the electricity used by your furnace, with electric motors evolving from the standard permanent split capacitor (PSC) to a very energy efficient electronically commutated brushless DC motor (ECM) (phew - that’s a mouthful!).


Without getting too technical, the new ECM motors convert AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current), and can easily change speed while using much less electricity. This is good because your furnace uses blowers to move warm air, and circulators to move hot water.

New propane and oil furnaces can produce heat very efficiently, and when coupled with an energy efficient way of moving the heat around the house, you can save a lot of energy.

The best thing of all - existing systems can be upgraded to take advantage of these new ECM motors! Not only are there energy savings to be had, but upgrading your furnace with an ECM can greatly improve home comfort. Saves money, improves comfort, and it’s good for the environment?! It doesn't get much better than that.

Call us today to find out if your furnace is eligible to be upgraded to an ECM.