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Triangle Tube Smart Series

Superior TANK-IN-TANK Technology. The Smart Choice in Indirect Fired Water Heaters

There are two major types of water heaters, those with coils and the twin walled tank. Well this water heater, the "Tank-in-Tank", doesn't fall within either of these categories. The difference between this water heater and those with coils is clear since in the former the primary fluid heats the domestic hot water from the outside while the other heats it from the inside out. On the other hand the twin walled water heaters have an area near the bottom which is not heated and the heat transfer surface is smaller than in the "Tank-in-Tank". 

The most important characteristic of the "Tank-in-Tank" system is its capability for auto-descaling and its long life expectancy combined with the reduced requirement for regular maintenance.



  • Exclusive “Tank-in-Tank” Technology
  • Abundant Domestic Hot Water at the Lowest Possible Cost
  • A Limited Residential Lifetime Warranty
  • 2” of Polyurethane Foam Insulation
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger and Storage Tank
  • Self Cleaning/Self Descaling Heat Exchanger
  • Lowest Pressure Drop in the Industry
  • 7 Sizes to Choose From (30-120 Gallons)
  • Oil or Propane